An idea…

A network that creates one-to-one “buddy” arrangements between

  • Pairs of people with similar backgrounds who…
  • Are chosen randomly by algorithm and..
  • Live in different color states (one red, one blue).
  • Neither state is a swing state.
  • The blue state person votes Democratic and the red state person votes Republican.

They share information about themselves, what they do, what they like and don’t like, how they feel about the other person’s candidate.

If they get pissed at each other they can give up on the connection, and have another buddy assigned, or give up on the idea of the network altogether.

Everything about it is opt-in at all times.

You don’t know who the other person is. No names, no addresses, no specifics. That way it’s safe. You can get out at any time and really be out.

Get to know your enemy

You hate Hillary, I like her. I hate Trump, you like him. Both of us think if the other person’s candidate wins it would be terrible.

The idea comes from a long vacation in a red state a few years ago. The people were nice. They stop at red lights. Walk their dogs in the evening. Go out to eat. But I found we didn’t have much to talk about because we view the world so differently. That’s been kind of okay up till recently. Now many people would agree it’s near meltdown.

So maybe before we destroy each other and ourselves, we should find out why. It seems to me only individual people can solve this. Going through the centralized parts of our world, news, political parties, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, we won’t figure out what’s wrong. You think you know, I think I do. But we see different things. And we only talk with people who see it the way we do.

We need ways to connect with people who see it differently, but not only by hurling slogans at each other. Only one other person can hear you, so speechifying is pointless.

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