Is another war in Iraq in our future?

I was reading the Quartz piece about the Bushes and how they have gone to war in Iraq and wondered if the leading Republican is elected, either one, will they start another war in Iraq. The scary thing is this: How could you possible guess one way or another?

With HRC, I can’t imagine we would. We’re even more war-averse now than we were after Vietnam, at least I hope we are. But then there is a lot of lunacy to the US these days. More than usual.

And that might have something to do with why the military is paying to put on little military plays at sporting events. To make sure the militaristic spirit of 9/11 is alive. That, I imagine, will continue no matter who is elected President.

I think I fully understand what’s happening in the US now. The super-rich of the world are looting us. They want to keep the population quiet and distracted until it’s done. Once it’s finished, they’ll leave us with our guns to kill each other.

One quick way to loot the treasury is to keep us at a perpetual state of war. In wars no one counts their change too carefully.

I know it’s not one of my most positive images.