LeBron + Melo == ??

It’s interesting in all the movement in the NBA, esp at Golden State and in New York, it’s kind of amazing that except for saying goodbye to Matthew Dellavedova, who’s on his way to Milwaukee, the Cavaliers haven’t done anything yet. Makes you wonder what deals are being discussed in the background.

Especially after Carmelo Anthony’s tweet yesterday.

Are LeBron and Melo going to be on the same team next year?


The Knicks just staffed up around Melo, not their upcoming star Kristaps Porzingis. They added stars who are of Melo’s vintage, not young guys who can come up in sync with KP. For the Knicks to trade Melo would leave them with a new crew without the guy it was built around.

Okay, could LeBron be coming to the Knicks? He is a free agent and hasn’t re-signed with the Cavs yet, though he is expect to. It’s possible that he feels free now to leave having accomplished his mission of bringing a championship to Cleveland. Now he has repaid the spiritual debt owed when he bolted Cleveland for Miami in 2011.

However, there’s no room for LeBron on the 2016–17 Knicks, amazingly. The have two forwards, Melo and KP, and a center in Joakim Noah. They also have their point guard and shooting guard. The Knicks have an almost-elite starting five.

But if you had to trade or sideline Noah to make room for LBJ, I guess you;d do it. But KP isn’t ready to play center, and neither Melo or James are centers. Maybe they could play a three-forward game. It’s been done.

It sure would be kickass if LeBron was coming to New York, after two tours in Cleveland and one in Miami, it kind of makes sense for him to come to NY or LA. If so, let’s hope it’s NY.

The third possibility is that the Knicks trade Melo to a team that LBJ hooks up with, with Melo’s permission of course, and the two amigos go forth and win a championship — for Melo and for friendship. It’s kind of clear that the Knicks are not championship-bound in time for Melo’s waning years.


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