My Apple Watch, almost one year on

I engaged in punditry about the Apple Watch, tried to find the humor in it, and wrote about it for a few days after I got mine.

Now it’s just a watch, but I like it. It’s it’s a nice watch, it feels good, and it not only tells me the time, it tells the temp and when the sunset is coming. That’s enough for it to be worth it. I wear it all day every day.

I never would have bought a watch for $400, but why not. There not much material I lust after, so to get me to buy a luxury item, I needed to feel it had something to do with my mostly dormant tech-buying habit.

No regrets. And when I heard today that the new model may be 1/2 the width of the one I’m wearing I thought to myself that I’d probably get it.

See the original post for any updates.

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