The Plutocrat vs Hitler 2.0

Jeb is full of it because there’s basically no difference in the kind of government you’ll get from Hillary Clinton and a garden variety Republican presidential candidate. Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush or Clinton will fill the job description more or less the same way. We learned that with Obama. Style differences, not very substantial.

So Jeb is a crazy lunatic asshole idiot country-fucker, if he really would work for Trump’s election over HRC, because Trump truly is a different breed, and if he were elected we’d be in for a rough ride, even compared to what we’ve been dealing with the last few years.

We have big problems to address, and they have nothing to do with race, or even guns. We need some leadership. Climate change. Loose nukes. Internet meltdown, all coming soon. HRC would probably give us some leadership, and honestly probably so would the others. They will all rob the country blind, and further enrich the plutocracy, but if the only other choice is electing Hitler 2.0, I think I’d go for the plutocrat.

PS: But at least Jeb made some headlines. Probably what he was actually trying to do. :-)

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