To Bill Gurley re the Knicks

Last night I was switching back and forth between the Republican debate and the Knicks game vs the Toronto Raptors.

The Knicks were playing well. And a funny thing was happening. The other guys were respecting the hell out of Kristaps Porzingas, and that meant some of the pressure was off Melo. The Knicks have needed this for a long time. So the game was interesting, and in very uncharacteristic fashion the Knicks won in a squeaker at the end. Last year they would have lost this game.

Here’s a highlight of Porzingas being an animal, rushing through the defense to put back a missed Knicks shot. The best part was Clyde’s reaction. With glee, he said “that was nasty!” It was. You can tell he loves Porzingas. That’s a good sign because Clyde is in many ways the heart of the Knicks, at least for the fans.

Knicks fans suffer. We have most inept ownership in the NBA. And we have a star who’s a bit of a baby, who might be growing up, a little. And because it’s basically the only NYC team, and it’s such a big place, we have all kinds of fans. It’s a team that both Mets and Yankees fans share. And we know that Mets fans do not like Yankees fans, and vice versa (although it’s hard to know why they don’t like us, we’re such nice people).

Yankees fans feel it is their right to win every season, and they do it by spending the most money on the best players. Mets fans, well we do it differently, let’s just say.

Bill Gurley who is according to his Twitter profile a devoted Golden State Warriors fan, the current NBA champs, apparently thinks all Knicks fans booed when the team drafted Porzingas earlier this year. I don’t think that’s the case at all. I know quite a few Knicks fans, and some of them even are Yankees fans, and I don’t think any of us booed. We might have wondered where this guy came from (Latvia) and why Phil Jackson chose him.

See, we haven’t been all that impressed with Jackson and his Triangle Offense. Last year we had the second worst record in the NBA. That’s something because more than a few teams were deliberately tanking. But this year, with the exception of Melo, we’re looking at a team that was built totally by Jackson. And it’s not bad. We’re hopeful. Might see some good basketball this year at the Garden. And for this Knicks fan, that’s enough. Really.

So Bill, it’s not consistent with my philosophy, or the Knicks philosophy, to boo our team. Sure there are some assholes who do. Don’t forget Silicon Valley has Larry Ellison and a bunch of nice guys. This is New York, the largest city in the United States. A melting pot. And you don’t have to be a true fan to wear a Knicks jersey.

So please, love your Warriors, we sure are impressed with them! But please don’t question our loyalty to our team. That’s just not cool.