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In 1999, my company, UserLand Software, released a product called Manila.

There was a lot to the product, it was a content management system, or CMS, and was built around the idea of editorial roles, and a discussion group. Templates. Full control over appearance with templates for everything.

The idea was that a publication would consist of a group of editorial people collaborating on a flow of news stories.

But it was also for blogging. We ran with Manila. A lot of people used it.

One of the big innovations of Manila was that every bit of content you could edit had a big Edit This Page button on it. Click the button, make a change, click Submit. This was a huge innovation. Made it a lot easier.

Anyway, fast forward to 2016, and I’m doing this year’s version of Manila. It’s called 1999. Because when you’re using it, you’re blogging like it’s 1999. With a H/T to Prince.

The software is getting very close to being finished now.

And I wanted to sneak out a preview of what editing is like in 1999.

Believe it or not, it’s even easier than Edit This Page.

Here’s the demo

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