What Silicon Valley could do about Gawker/Thiel

In today’s earlier post I suggest that other Silicon Valley CEOs and VCs could back Gawker in defense of Thiel’s legal attack, by buying it out of bankruptcy.

So much has been written about why what Thiel did will have a chilling effect on the struggling world of journalism. It effects bloggers too.

Putting the pieces back together later might be impossible. And free expression is something SV depends on, more than it may know.

Look where I’m writing this now, to give you an idea. (This is a cross-post of something I wrote on Facebook.)

So far I am able to use Facebook to criticize Facebook, but who knows whether they demote it via the algorithm. I imagine they might have some levers behind the scenes.

The more FB and others stand by and do nothing as Gawker is destroyed, the less faith I have in their neutrality.

I’m thinking of a few liberal tech CEOs and VCs who I would like to see step up here. Not going to put their names in this post. But I wanted to put the idea out there.

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