Looking to the Future — LRT in London Ontario
Eric Southern

That is all well and nice, but, London does not set up well for LRT routes. They have to reach the areas that need the added service and if Western is not on board with having it cross their land the northwest loop/corridor is doomed. The point of LRT is supposed to, in part, reduce the traffic in the core. Until it services the outlying communities like Kilworth, St.Thomas and Thorndale for example it will not reduce that traffic. The good folk of sunningdale and riverbend will not give up their cars to ride the bus/tram…no matter how shiny and new it is. A bus system has the flexibility to turn corners, unlike trains (on the whole) and can be better tailored to ridership, rather than build it they will come. Furthermore, the hip trendy folk that will supposedly be attracted to London by this forward thinking system will never have need of it as they will be living in the hip trendy core and all of its new apartments etc. At approximately $5.50 for a return trip on the bus vs. $8 parking the convenience of my car is worth the extra spend and I do not see the new system being any less expensive.

Look at Toronto, the best part of their system for car removal has been the Go trains, they connect the outlying communities to the rest of the system reasonably. The proposed system for London needs much denser housing and a completely integrated service…not what is on offer.

Best of luck to you.

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