Welcoming Activity Assist to the DRF Family

We are excited to announce our investment in Activity Assist, an EdTech company looking to bring field trip planning and execution for schools to the 21st century. By digitizing how teachers plan field trips and execute the event, Activity Assist is saving schools time and money, as well as allowing teachers to focus on what they do best, teach.

One of the best things about DRF is our ability to support the nations most talented student entrepreneurs, a description co-founders Joe Gleason and Evan Kay embody perfectly. Joe is going to be a sophomore at UC Berkeley in the fall studying material science and engineering, and has been working in the education industry since high school. Evan is going to be a sophomore at the University of Illinois in the fall majoring in computer science. As well as working on Activity Assist, he will be developing his skills this summer working at RetailMeNot in Austin, Texas.

Activity Assist came out of a personal project founders Joe and Evan started during high school. A teacher of theirs was planning a field trip for a group of 300 kids, a task that would take several weeks to plan and execute. This teacher didn’t have time in his schedule to take on this task, and therefore reached out to Joe and Evan for help. After building an early, yet successful, version of the Activity Assist platform the cofounders realized their school wasn’t the only use case, and decided to turn this project into a company.

Fast forward a year and a half later and Activity Assist is beginning to role out pilot programs in schools across the country. We love the early hustle of the founders and can’t wait to see Activity Assist grow and succeed in the near future!

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