Reading List — 6 months > 22nd Feb 2016

I thought I’d do the obligatory reading list, both to share what I’m reading, but also to have a kick up the ass to get a move on and finish some of these. I really believe that reading broadens your viewpoint and expands your thinking. If you don’t read much, change that.

You’ll see that I have a few on the go at the same time, but the trick is that I listen to audio books, a lot (through Audible). In the car, on the plane, on the train, in bed etc. I find they are a really good way of easily detaching from the current day, without the need to carry a dead tree, or use kindle on my phone. You can often, but not always, do other things as well.

So in no particular order, here’s what I’m reading/have read/will read.


  • My Early Life, Churchill, Sir Winston S.
  • Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch Book 1), Ann Leckie
  • Shogun, James Cavell (Audio book)
  • Make Me, Lee Child (Audio book)
  • The Go Programming Language, Donovan, Alan A. A.
  • The Cathedral & the Bazaar, Eric S. Raymond
  • Docker in Production, Lessons from the Trenches, Joe Johnston, John Fiedler, Milos Gajdos, Antoni Batchelli, Justin Cormack


  • Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel
  • The Stone Man, Luke Smitherd
  • The Martian, Andy Weir (Audio book)
  • Man’s Search For Meaning: The classic tribute to hope from the Holocaust, Viktor E Frankl
  • Use of Weapons, Iain M Banks (Audio book)
  • The Player of Games, Iain M Banks (Audio book)
  • Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery, Henry Marsh
  • Building Microservices, Sam Newman
  • How Google Works, Eric Smidt
  • The Phoenix Project, Kevin Behr, George Spafford, Gene Kim
  • The Places in Between, Rory Stewart
  • Hard Time, Shaun Attwood
  • Lean from the Trenches, Henrick Kniberg


  • Ready Player One, Ernest Cline
  • Broken Dolls, James Carol
  • Release It!: Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software (Pragmatic Programmers), Michael T. Nygard
  • Elon Musk: How the Billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our Future, Ashlee Vance
  • The Challenger Launch Decision: Risky Technology, Culture, and Deviance at NASA, Diane Vaughan
  • The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag, Chol-hwan Kang, Kang Chol-Hwan, Pierre Rigoulot, Yair Reiner
  • How to write everything, David Quantick (Audio book)
  • House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz
  • The Book of Five Rings, Miyamoto Musashi
  • Bushido: The Way of the Samurai, Tsunetomo Yamamoto
  • A Brief History of the Samurai, Jonathan Clements
  • Joy, Inc, Richard Sheridan

If you have any good suggestions on new reading material, let me know. I aim to update this list often.