Marginalized People Deserve Better Than The Democratic Party
Morgan Visser

Thanks for these insights. But I’m curious about your thoughts on the need to evolve the Democratic party rather than substitute it. I do agree that the establishment politics of the Democratic party, in so many ways, has alienated a very large and significant constituency of “principles-over-politics” type progressives. But I also agree with those who feel the left/progressive political bulwark, which keeps an impending right-wing agenda at bay, cannot afford to collapse and rebuild through fracturing party unity. The system seems to be structured in a way to punish the political clout of anyone who strays from two-party-politics. Bernie theoretically understood this, running as a Democrat rather than a third party candidate. To me this was him knowing full well that the structures of political power sometimes have to be reformed from within, rather than shouted at from the outside.

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