Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem
Kate Starbird

Fascinating piece of work and I must say its very impressive that you pulled this together in a relative short period of time. What I gather from your article is that you think some (big part) of this disinformation is coming from single actors (or state actors as in RT) and some of it is robot driven by botnets deployed all over the place. I think there is another class of players with real fingers on the keyboard.

In the week or two before the election, I was starting to wonder why so many alt-right sites were spewing misinformation about Hillary. This was especially true right after the FBI announcement. I found one owner of 65 different websites that was employing an army to send out fake stories. This implies co-ordination with places as diverse as the FBI and the Russians. The same kind of thing happens when climate change groups announce something big.

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