My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

This is a well-written piece, and we need thousands more like it as we strive for equality in both our political system and our nation at large.

But because it is written from within a conservative bubble, it fails to do exactly what it asks of its reader — see an issue from another perspective, another vantage point. The author says that for years liberals have been calling conservatives racists (those darn liberals!) and that conservatives have failed to “fight back.” It fails to acknowledge how this appears from outside the conservative movement.

The issue in our political system is not that we don’t have enough inter-party bickering. For god’s sake we have enough of that. And the issue isn’t that conservatives haven’t tried to be compassionate, as later stated. The real issue is that there is a defined, ugly, horrible cancer currently residing in the conservative movement, and the party has rejected the idea of cutting it away and blasting it with enough radiation to vaporize it. I’ve watched for years as conservatives coyly dance around endless “I’m not a racist, but [insert racist comment]” moments.

And it isn’t just race. Conservatives stand by while their fellow conservatives denigrate an entire religion. They allow their presidential candidates to attend conferences where pastors scream about creating laws that would “deal” with homosexuals by lynching them and bashing their heads in with rocks. It’s despicable, and while a majority of conservatives don’t hold these flawed, abhorrent values, how are we supposed to feel watching Ted Cruz smile his smug little smile while he stands next to a man advocating a form of genocide?

Racism and intolerance aren’t what conservatism is about at its core — that’s why the author can proudly and legitimately call himself a conservative. But conservatism can’t live up to its true potential, and it cannot be a worthy adversary for us liberals, until conservatives take action to reject outdated and evil racist and bigoted ideas, purging them from the party in no uncertain terms.

Until that happens, don’t “fight back” when I tell you that the conservative movement is sick — and that it’s infected with racism, xenophobia, intolerance, homophobia, misogyny and bigotry. Instead, accept that I have a point and get off your butts to do something about it.