Influencer Marketing — How Powerful is it?

It is a well proven fact that influencers do influence, for good and for bad. For a business, influencer marketing opens up a new way of offering value to your clients, especially on the Internet.

A Case in Point

The recent visit to Kenya by Mark Zuckerberg proves just how powerful influencers are. A visit to a popular restaurant serving a local dish — Ugali and Fish — spread like wildfire on the Internet and brought the joint instant fame, literally overnight.

The fact that Zuckerberg was photographed having this tasty dish was enough to get people excited about this joint. The above picture went viral and has made the restaurant even more popular.

Looking at posts online, the visit has garnered a lot of attention with some tourists even looking to visit Kenya and eat at the restaurant where Zuckerberg ate.

The point?

Influencers have the power to boost your small business growth. With social media, even a picture of them at your business premise is enough to drive sales into your business.

To use influencer marketing effectively, look for influencers on social and reach out to them. Build a relationship with them and see if they would be willing to mention your brand or visit your store and document their experience or their take on using your products.

Just like Mama Oliech restaurant, you too can use influencers to grow your brand and business at almost no cost.