CF:G’s iOS Masterclass completed! What’s next?

What an intense and fun day! Congratulations to everyone who has completed the iOS Masterclass on Saturday!

Thoughtworks offices, Soho, London
I was fortunate to teach the one-day CodeFirst:Girls Masterclass on iOS development last Saturday. More than 15 talented women had been selected and accepted the challenge to learn the basics of iOS development in a single day! The workshop was kindly hosted by Thoughtworks in their offices in Soho, London (thanks again for opening up the doors to your amazing office!).

We started the day with the general iOS development setup, an introduction to Xcode and an initial implementation of our Note-taking application (@Evernote, it’s time to watch out for these young women!). We looked at how to design an app from scratch (yes, we used pen and paper) and covered the basics of Xcode’s storyboard and the model-view-controller paradigm.

After a well-deserved lunch break, we went on a tour exploring some of the ideas behind Objective-C. We answered questions such as “What are variables good for?” and “How do you create an array?”. We learnt about loops and the differences between class interfaces and implementations.

This set the tune for the remaining afternoon session. We turned our initial designs into a fully-functioning Note-taking app which included the creation, display and updating of text notes. The app uses a TableView to display notes and interacts with Core Data to make sure the app doesn’t forget anything written down. Quite some cool stuff!

It was great to have so much energy and motivation in the classroom. We covered a wealth of material, lots of smart questions were asked, and our brains were working at peak performance all day.

So what’s next? Here are some suggestions on how you could improve your app:

  • Give your notes a title: so far, the app only stores a single chunk of text. How about using a title to summarize the content?
  • Add categories: grouping your notes into categories will make it easier to find them.
  • Adding photos: it’s often quicker to take a photo of something instead of writing it down. Maybe you can even combine text and photos!
  • Sharing notes: prepared a shopping list for your friend? Add a feature which sends notes via e-mail.

I look forward to seeing you guys build more stuff! Thanks to everyone for making it such a great day!

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