I am….

Strong, athletic, kind, thoughtful, encouraging, outgoing, funny, silly, playful, shy, helpful, strong-willed and minded. I am a problem solver, a hard worker, an achiever, and sometimes, an overachiever.

I come from a big, loving family, a healthy home, sisterly love, and sibling fights. I am from hand-me down clothes, several trips to Target a day, and always a test subject to new hair do’s. I am from chick flick Saturday nights, cans of Pringles, and tubes of raw cookie dough.

I am a Catholic, a child of God, a follower of the Bible, and a part of Christian population. I am a believer in what is right, which sometimes doesn’t fit with what the church says…. I am somewhat of a rebel.

I am white.. German, Irish, Indian, Bohemian, Scottish, English, and a small part Gypsy. I am from strongly celebrating Christmas, Easter, and going along with the other non-religious holidays. I am a woman, a female, looking for the man of my dreams.

I am a dreamer by day and night. I am a Walter Mitty. I am artistic, creative, and innovative.

By knowing who I am, I can determine what I am and who I want to be.

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