OffshoreAlert: The Psychological Profile of David Marchant | Why You Shouldn’t Trust Him!

Henry Newman

It is no secret that David Marchant of is a difficult person to deal with. For years, his co-workers and followers have complained about his temper and condescending attitude. However, you may not know the reason behind this behavior. According to several psychological assessments, David has a borderline personality disorder. It means he has an inflated sense of self-importance, a deep need for admiration, and a lack of empathy for others. His narcissistic tendencies cause him to act out in his ways. Today, we will explore the psychological profile of David Marchant and understand why you should not trust him.

Borderline Personality Disorder

People with BPD tend to have a hard time controlling their emotions, which leads to impulsive and self-destructive behavior. David Marchant’s mood swings can last for hours or even days as a BPD patient. It is why depression, impulsivity, and unstable personal relationships are common in his personality. It is usually influenced by early childhood trauma. Aside from these, David’s behavior indicates behavioral and affective dysregulation symptoms. As a result, he has trouble controlling his temper and can expose others to angry outbursts that are incredibly harmful but amusing to him.

Disturbed relatedness, the second sign of borderline personality disorder, is observed in some phases guarantee his sickness. Mr. Marchant’s family history is fractured, and he lacks a solid familial connection. His conduct reflects his troubled early years, and his parent’s abusive behavior impacted him. Because of his childhood experiences, Mr. Marchant has difficulty trusting people and maintaining close relationships.

Identity Disturbance

Another way to look at identity disturbance is that Marchant has a problem with social identity. He does not seem to fit in anywhere and constantly feels like an outsider. It might be caused by a variety of causes, including growing up in a different culture, having few friends, or even feeling like you do not belong to your own family.

Although David Marchant is not fully known for having an identity crisis, he still constructed a hiding place by himself. He chooses a profession where he likes to expose others, which is the central theme of identity disturbance. He gets self-pleasure by exposing others and comparing himself to them that he is the best. His identity disturbance far-fetched led him that way.

Chronic Feeling of Emptiness

Stress-Related to Paranoid Ideation

Are these not a perfect match with David Marchant?

Until now, no one has been able to discover where he resides or why he has remained unmarried. He is constantly chased by his victims whom he harmed. Now, he is in a paranoid state, which is another vital symptom of borderline personality disorder.

On the other hand, stress can often lead to paranoid ideation or the persistent belief that others are out to get you. In the case of David, it is clear that his stress is leading to severe paranoia and causing him significant distress. David’s paranoid ideation may be due to many factors, including his history of trauma and current stress levels. However, his idea that others are out to get him is causing him a great deal of distress and making it difficult for him to function in daily life.

Narcissistic Behavior

Mr. Marchant’s narcissism frequently causes him to be manipulative and controlling. He may try to control others by making them feel guilty or manipulating them to do what he wants. David’s need for control can often conflict with others, as he is not willing to compromise or listen to others’ points of view. If you are dealing with someone like David Marchant, it is essential to be aware of his narcissistic tendencies and avoid getting caught up in his games.

Personality Analysis

On the contrary, Marchant is a ruthless personality without humanity. He stops at nothing to get what he wants and does not care about the person he hurts. He is manipulative and often uses people to get what he wants. Mr. David has a negative personality trait that causes him to be very critical of others. This trait often leads him to be rude and unapproachable. His negative attitude also creates much tension in his relationships with others. Mr. David is often unhappy and unsatisfied with himself. He frequently criticizes others in an attempt to make himself feel better. Unfortunately, this makes him feel worse and creates more difficulties in his life.

Furthermore, David has always been a discontented man. The root of his discontentment is that he has never been able to find inner peace. He is always looking for something to make him happy, but it seems like nothing ever entirely does the trick. It has led to a lot of frustration and unhappiness in his life. Even as a child, he was never content with what he had. It led to many inner discomforts, which manifested throughout his life. He was never satisfied with his job, and he would always find something to complain about. It led to him quitting or getting fired from several jobs throughout his life.

History of Violence

“Your action caused her alarm and distress.”

The policeman, who was also the head of the Economic and Complex Crime unit for Westminster at that time, added that David was to be arrested if he tried to escalate the matter.

David’s comment on this incident discloses that he did not deny the complaint,

“Even it had been me; it did not meet the standard of harassment.”

David Marchant is a man with a history of sexual harassment and unprofessional behavior. Despite being given warnings by his employers and colleagues, he continues to act to make his colleagues feel uncomfortable.

Practice of Fabrications

As a result, Privilege Wealth PLC claimed £50,000 of damages against Mr. Marchant, and the Judge awarded damages of £80,000 against David Marchant! This news even surprised the Privilege Wealth’s barrister; he said,

“Award of general damages to a corporate claimant is higher than any other reported decision of a Judge to date.”

This is only one example of David Marchant’s propensity to make false allegations. He has a long history of making unsubstantiated claims against others, often in an attempt to damage their reputation or business. This behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop.

If you have been the target of such behavior by David Marchant, we encourage you to speak out and take action. You may be able to file a defamation lawsuit against him and receive compensation for the damages he has caused you. David has been sued in Canada, at the federal and state levels in the United States, in London’s High Court, and at least twice in Panama and Grenada for similar conduct.

Social Appearance

Furthermore, David’s all other social media presence is significantly less. As of today, only 2100 people have liked his Facebook page, and only TWO people have reviewed his page since its opening!

He has only 2700 followers on his Twitter, and most of his follower seems inactive.

He has only a total of 1300 connections on his LinkedIn profile.

His Instagram appearance is even poorer, having only 137 followers!

We can see that David does not have a solid social media presence from all of this. It is because he is not a very social person. He does not have many friends, and he does not interact with people very much. David’s poor social appearance indicates that he is not good at networking and building relationships.

Finally, David Marchant is a very neurotic person. He is always worried about something, and he can never relax. He is always anxious, and he cannot seem to shake his negative thoughts. So, there is no reason to trust this guy. He has made a career out of smearing innocent people and companies, often without evidence to back up his claims. He is nothing more than a tabloid writer who should be avoided.



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