Find Alternative Lifestyles or: How to Build Your Own House Boat

Berlin / Germany, May 2017

Do you expect live being an adventure? Do you dream of independence? Are you one of those that will take a deep breath when finally being out again in nature?
— I am. Now we’re building a houseboat.

April 2017. Building the foundation of Ursel I.

I’d like to share our journey with you as I hope that our stories will inspire you to think about your way to live an independent and fulfilled life.

I hope to see some of our friends one day on the water as part of our houseboat community in Berlin or some other waters in the world.

About the coming stories:

  1. About the crew
  2. Why living on a houseboat?
  3. Shaping the idea (End of 2016)
  4. Finding the perfect builder
  5. Barriers
  6. Building the Ark (Started March 2017)
  7. First time on the boat (July 2017)

Let’s start.

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