APIM 1.18

After one month of development, we are happy to announce the fresh new release of API Management: 1.18.

The full changelog can be found here but here are some new features we want to highlight:

New policies

This release is now including new policies in our default distribution: URL-rewriting and json-validation.

URL-Rewriting policy may be used to rewrite HTTP response headers and / or HTTP response body. You can have a look to the documentation here

JSON Validation policy can be configured to validate incoming HTTP request body according to a given JSON Schema. In case of a bad payload sent by the consumer, a bad_request status code (400) is returned to him. The documentation is available here.

Top 10 resources

This was a long-awaited feature, we are happy to make it available as part of this new release. You can now have a look to the most consumed paths / resources and apply specific filter on it.

Top paths / Top mapped paths

An other amazing feature is that we are providing to the API publisher the ability to define it’s own path-mapping to “group” paths which are including path parameters.

Better notification support