Useful application of programmable money

My exposure to virtual currencies began with video games. Eve Online, Runescape, Guild Wars and Diablo offered a wonderful world not just of gameplay, but of economics as well.

Anyone who played Diablo 2 knows about the legendary Stone of Jordan.(SoJ) Due to various unforeseen factors, the game’s main currency, gold, became functionally worthless. Players organically started denominating value in SoJ’s since they were a more liquid, stable and valuable form of currency.

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Eve online’s virtual economy is so epic and storied it has become the topic of dedicated history books. …

While developing Ethereum dApps, it is common to run into an issue where a local blockchain such as geth or ganache (test-rpc) didn’t shut down gracefully.

This can cause the dreaded EADDRINUSE error:

Ganache CLI v6.2.5 (ganache-core: 2.3.3)
listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use

To find the process using this port, lsof is a great tool. Type:

lsof -i :8545

This will give you a list of all of the programs using that port. An example output:

Ganache 45624 dbe 32u IPv4 0x2870b9f699b92777 0t0 TCP localhost:64105->localhost:8545 (ESTABLISHED)

Make sure this process isn’t crucial to some other project you are running, but then just use ‘kill’, specifying the PID above to stop the process and free up your port again:

kill 45624

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Austin showing off the Burner Wallet — Photo by Andrew Catellier

Testing Bold Claims

For Boulder Blockchain’s last meetup of 2018, we decided to hold a party where crypto was the only accepted payment for beers.

Cryptocurrency’s usefulness has long been projected into the future. But the time has come where crypto is not only faster, cheaper and more trustless, but also just more convenient than centralized alternatives.

Beers for Crypto

One of the biggest issues when trying to be idealistic in crypto is that very few people actually have the currency in a spendable form. …


Brian Ethier

Aiming to provide signal in a world full of noise.

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