> You can also opt out of seeing ads based on […] from your device’s settings.
Eugene Belinski

Ah, thanks for the explanation.

I was curious why so many replies to this story suggested that Instagram had advertisements both in the web browser and in the app.

I have Limit Ad Tracking turned on, and I don’t see any ads at all in the Instagram app. And I don’t access Instagram from within a web browser, so that explains why my experience with Instagram has been free of advertising.

I just asked my wife about ads in Instagram, and she showed me that one of her accounts has ads while the other does not. She thinks the reason one of her accounts has ads is that she clicked the heart button on a few ads while using that account.

Anyways, I just shared the Limit Ad Tracking option with her, so we will see if that helps with her account that has ads.

I suppose many users are not aware of this setting, so Apple should enable Limit Ad Tracking by default.

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