How to use Instagram to your advantage and make more contacts and more money.

Today, you don’t have to have a particular interest to use Instagram. You don’t have to cook elaborate food that looks perfect or be a model. The key to good social media marketing is taking advantage of every contact you can think about making with your target group using all the social media tools that you can. 
Instagram is becoming a social media contender, as evidenced by the fact the site now has more than 700 million users. That number of users makes Instagram an awesome mechanism for marketing for all kinds of companies to all kinds of specific audiences. But just like more traditional forms of marketing, companies must make sure that they are using their best marketing mix to reach their customer. Increasing your success is always the main issue in marketing. 
The purpose of this post is to offer you some insights into a lucrative marketing strategy on Instagram. Increased brand authority, better interaction with customers and connecting all that to more profit are all areas that I will touch on.

Utilize all the mechanisms that Instagram offers you.

Instagram has lots of tools just for business — some of these have just been recently launched and you should use them to your best advantage. If you are familiar with business pages on Facebook, you will be comfortable with the business tools available on Instagram. Just like Facebook, Instagram allows your customers to make direct contact with you in a variety of ways: emails, texts, or calls.
Analytics tools are another major part of the mechanisms available to business-users on Instagram, which help you evaluate the success of your marketing. Analytics information gives you everything you need to know more about your customer, allowing you to undertake more targeted, decisive interactions.

Be Relatable, Develop a Dependable Brand Personality

On Instagram, having a point or a direction is important. There is a trap out there on the Instagram site: the ability to post all kinds of things you think are beautiful or evocative. But this is a newcomer’s mistake. If you want to utilize Instagram to your best advantage, don’t do that. 
You will want to highlight your relatability early on. People will follow you on Instagram if they see you as someone they can relate to. Personality is an important part of building any brand. 
The pictures you post can do a lot to establish your brand personality, along with the words you use. Elements such as color, style, or effects might be ways to distinguish photos on your Instagram account. Pictures do a lot to convey the mood or the feeling that you wish to establish. 
Some pictures visually portray certain qualities. You want to curate content that does just that for the values and characteristics of your company. The other issue is consistency. You want to use these images and characteristics all the time. The more you do, the more these elements will be associated with your brand and your company.

Use Hashtags (But Be STRICT)

Hashtags are an important part of many social media platforms. Use them.

But don’t do it sloppily. Don’t use hashtags without thought. No post needs an unnecessary hashtag. Think of your customers typical Instagram use, and use content that will tie in perfectly with the best Instagram hashtag to get the most likes and engagement from it, causing it to go viral across the Instagram community.
Some good things to think about when deciding whether to use a hashtag, it explained in the acronym STRICT. Hashtags should be Specific, Targeted, Relevant Innovative, Concise and Thoughtful.

Promote your posts on more than one social media platform.

One shortcut to building a following on a new social media platform is to cross-post some of your content on more than one social media platform. If people are already following your brand on Facebook, for example, they are very likely to also follow your brand on Instagram, especially when they are encouraged to do so. Use whatever social media platforms you already must establish whatever your new social media presence is. The character restriction on Twitter posts or other details, may make some posts not entirely transferable, but still, take advantage of your existing social media customers on new platforms. Instagram is owned by Facebook, and they have made sharing and using posts between the platforms very easy.

Pay attention to communities on Instagram

There are groups of people on Instagram who are interested in just about anything. Discover groups that might be interested in your brand, your products, and your company. 
Once you can get established in some groups that are interested in your brand, you will want to keep in mind elements such as who are the important Instagram influencers in the group. If you can get them to be interested in what you have to say, others will follow. What hashtags are commonly used in the group? Use them! What style of photographs, etc., are used by the most popular accounts in the group? The answers to each of these questions may lead you to strategies to engage people within these groups. Social media is always an opportunity for information gathering. Instagram is no exception.

Don’t Bombard followers with posts.

You will want to post frequently enough to provide followers with new content quickly. 
On the other hand, you do not want to bombard your followers with posts so frequently that you become annoying. There is something of an art to finding a good “rhythm” to post you’re your brand. Consider testing different posting schedules. You will find that good “rhythm” to the frequency with which you post.

Keep in mind too, that nothing about social media lasts forever. As your following grows and changes, different posting frequencies will be preferred. Be prepared to be open to change and adjustment to new preferences.

The point of Social Media is to engage.

Engage with customers. It’s the real reason for social media. Posting frequency is one issue on social media. But posting frequently is not engaging. People like to be reminded that the brands they like and enjoy ultimately operate because people like them are behind the scenes. Social media gives you a platform to ask and answer questions, join conversations other folks are already having. 
Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can be strategically used to engage a growing customer base. Following the above tips is one way to avoid some pitfalls and have a successful Instagram for your company. Good luck.