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Since when have illegal immigrants been entitled to social programs???? Was Joe Wilson right when he called President Obama a liar for saying that illegals would not be entitled to the ACA? “Eligible families for safety-net programs” would be by definition legal immigrants. If the US decides to ignore its own laws and provide housing, food, jobs and healthcare to anyone who can somehow make it to our shores, we will see an influx of refugees, and illegal immigrants in the tens of millions and everyone will be a burden in some way.

The US has some of the most liberal immigration laws of any developed nation and as liberal as they are, they are there for a reason. When those laws are ignored, it creates social and personal tragedies. When my in-laws immigrated to the US, they had to have a sponsor, a job, and follow US law. They didn’t have to hide, take lower paying jobs or except any form of exploitation. As long as they followed the rules, they didn’t have to worry about deportation. Eventually they became Americans in the tradition of millions before them. Play by the rules and the US will be a great place for all of us. Break the rules or even ignore the rules (like Sanctuary cities) and the US will become worse than the 3rd world countries that many of them are fleeing.

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