List of Reactions by US Representatives to Donald Trump’s Muslim ban

I’m compiling a list of these so that people can know if their Representatives have made a statement about Trump’s Muslim ban, and call any Reps who have not made statements and urge them to release one. There’s a Senate list here. This is a work in progress; I will keep updating it as I learn more. As far as I know, no Republican Senators or Representatives have condemned the Muslim ban (Update: See below for dissenting Republican Representatives). Feel free to send me links to new statements or let me know what you find out when calling your Senator — either respond on Medium, message me on Twitter or Facebook, or email me at david dot eil at gmail.

Find your Representative here.

Update: Looks like Vox is tracking Republicans, so I am going to stop updating my list since nearly every Democrat has already expressed opposition. I still encourage you to call your representatives, demand to know where they stand, and urge them to make a statement if they have not already.

Suggested script if you are calling:

“Hi, I am a constituent from _______. I am troubled by President Trump’s recent executive orders banning citizens of seven countries from entering the United States. These orders betray our country’s values without making us safer. I want to know Representative ________’s position on President Trump’s actions and what he/she plans to do about them.”

Rs making statements OPPOSING the EO: SIX (Amash, Dent, Coffman, Ros-Lehtinen, Fitzpatrick, Comstock)

Rs making statements in SUPPORT of the EO: SEVEN (Paul Ryan, Zedlin, Barletta, Ross, Duncan, Babin, McCaul)


No statement:

Byrne(R); Roby(R); Rogers(R); Aderholt(R); Brooks(R); Palmer(R); Sewell(D)


No statement:



No statement:

O’Halleran(D); McSally(R); Gosar(R); Biggs(R); Schweikert(R); Franks(R)

Gallego: “strongly oppose

Grijalva: RTs Pence

Simena: “violates fundamental American values


No statement:

Crawford(R); Hill(R); Womack(R); Westerman(R)


Barragan: tweet from airport to stand against ban

Bass: “we must be better than this

Brownley: “shocked and appalled

Carbajal: “reprehensible

Chu: “we do not fear, but support our neighbors

Correa: “un-American

Davis: “contrary to the values that have defined America

DeSaulnier: RT of this

Eshoo: “un-American and unconstitutional

Khanna: “not consistent with our founding ideals

Lee: “proud of what the American people accomplished last night” (referencing protests & ACLU stay)

Lieu: “offensive

Matsui: “sweeping denial of refuge

Pelosi: “destroying America’s valuesstatement

Peters: “betrays our values

Royce (Republican): “pausing the intake of refugees…is the right call

Schiff: “dangerous first step in the institutionalization of prejudice

Sherman: “shame

Swalwell: We broke our promise

Thompson: “we already have a vetting system

Torres: statement

Vargas: “un-American

Waters: “shame on Trump

No statement:

LaMalfa(R); Huffman(D); Garamendi(D); McClintock(R); Thompson(D); Bera(D); Cook(R); McNerney(D); Denham(R); Speier(D); Costa(D); Lofgren(D); Panetta(D); Valadao(R); Nunes(R); McCarthy(R); Knight(R); Brownley(D); Cardenas(D); Aguilar(D); Napolitano(D); Ruiz(D); Sanchez(D); Roybal-Allard(D); Takano(D); Calvert(R); Walters(R); Lowenthal(D); Rohrabacher(R); Issa(R); Hunter(R);


Coffman(Republican): “have never, nor will I ever, support a blanket travel ban

DeGette: “just wrong

Polis: statement


Courtney: “will boomerang — both morally and practically

DeLauro: msg for Ryan

Esty: “makes us less safe

Himes: RT of this

Larson: statement


Rochester: “goes against our values and greatly threatens our national security


Castor: “America’s shining light dims

Curbelo (Republican): “I expect that these executive orders are in fact temporary

Demings: “will achieve absolutely nothing

Deutsch: tweet

Frankel: “tramples on our values

Hastings: “outraged

Murphy: “strongly oppose

Ross (Republican): “This was long overdue

Ros-Lehtinen(Republican): “I object


Johnson: “Sad day in America

Lewis: “This is a dark hour for America


Hanabusa: “thanks to ACLU


Foster: “ugly

Gutierrez: “embarrassing

Kelly: “violates basic sensibility

Krishnamoorthi: at O’Hare to protest

Quigley: “shameful

Schneider: “disgraceful and callous


Carson: “un-American


King: I would consider this tweet support for the ban, but you decide

Loebsack: “shameful


Yarmouth: “I will fight Trump’s hate with every ounce of energy I have.


Richmond: tweet

Scalise: “prudent


Pingree: statement


Cummings: “few things more unAmerican

Delaney: “betraying what America has always stood for

Hoyer: “counter to American values

Raskin: “slamming the door on the world’s most desperate people”


Capuano: “Lady Liberty cries today

Clark: “a question of right vs. wrong

Kennedy: “fighting for this country’s better angels

Lynch: “shameful violation of our Constitution

McGovern: “shameful

Moulton: “troops will die”; “I am ashamed he is our president

Tsongas: “affront to our core values


Amash (Republican): “not consistent with our nation’s values

Dingell: “jeopardizes our values

Kildee: “makes us less safe

Levin: “not reflective of our character as a nation

Conyers: statement

Lawrence: statement


Ellison: statement

McCollum: “extreme and discriminatory order


Clay: “terrible, dangerous


Kihuen: “un-American

Titus: “stop the hate and xenophobia

New Hampshire:

Kuster: “America can & should be a beacon of hope

Shea-Porter: “we must defend ideals

New Jersey

Gottheimer: “urge the president to reconsider

Norcross: “we must maintain our values

Pallone: “already having tragic consequences”

Pascrell: “taking a page from one of the darkest chapters in history

Sires: “I am deeply troubled

New York

Clarke: fight back

Crowley: asks Ryan to “stand up to bigotry and hate

Engel: statement

Espaillat: “America is better than this

Higgins: RT’ed this

Jeffries: at JFK

Lowey: “will not make us safer

Maloney: “hateful and harmful

Meeks: RT of Pence, “offensive and unconstitutional

Meng: “not right

Nadler: with Velazquez

Rice: “betrays basic values

Serrano: “full of bigotry and hatred

Suozzi: “ALL men and women created equal

Tonko: “violates 1st amendment

Velazquez: demanding release of refugees

Zedlin (Republican): “a nation without borders isn’t a nation at all

North Carolina

Adams: statement

Price: “flies in the face of all we hold dear as Americans


Beatty: “flies in the face of the values & freedoms enshrined in our Constitution

Kaptur: “hurts America

Tim Ryan: “we can’t turn our backs on them


Blumenauer: “cruel


Barletta (Republican): “I have long called for suspension of our refugee program while we can’t properly screen applicants.

Boyle: “shameful

Brady: thanked by Gov Wolf

Dent (Republican): “I urge the administration to halt enforcement of this order

Doyle: “let’s not allow our fears to overwhelm our common sense

Evans: “unconstitutional

Fitzpatrick (Republican): “president’s policy entirely misses the mark

Rhode Island

Cicilline: statement

Langevin: “contrary to the very core principles of our democracy

South Carolina

Jeff Duncan (Republican): “Appreciate the bold action of Donald Trump to keep America safe.”Syrian refugees can not be properly vetted. We should be compassionate, but our first duty is to keep Americans safe.”


Cohen: “Hurting friends and will encourage terrorism

Cooper: RT’ed this


Babin (Republican): “Great news!

Castro: RT of this (and many others)

Doggett: “Enough with this hate and fear

Lee: went to IAH

McCaul (Republican): “an order to help prevent jihadists from infiltrating the United States

Veasey: “our country is better than this


Welch: joins Leahy and Sanders statement


Beyer #NoBanNoWall

Comstock (Republican): “Should be addressed and corrected expeditiously

Connolly: “we must speak out

McEachin: “anti-American, immoral


DelBene: “in direct conflict with our nation’s values

Heck: “just wrong

Kilmer: statement

Jayapal: “abhorrent

Larsen: RT of “unamerican and immoral

Smith: “contrary to our founding principles


Moore: “this injustice will not stand

Pocan: “morally indefensible

Ryan (Republican): “not a ban on people of any religion”; “time to…strengthen the visa vetting process