Link your Heroku App to custom Google Domain…Finally.

Past me trying to add custom Google Domains domain to Heroku. But not you.


In short, configuring a custom Google domain to Heroku is always a challenge. I figure this will help more people than just me. But I wrote this for my future [erm, tired] self.


  • Have a Domain on Google Domains.
  • Have an application hosted on Heroku.
  • Have a piece of candy (To curb your pent-up frustration).

Step 1. Add your domain to your Heroku app.

From your Heroku app’s dashboard, select:

YourApp > Settings

Step 2. Configure Google Domains DNS settings.

From your Google Domains home dashboard (registrar), select:

Configure DNS

Step 3. Add custom resource records.

On the same configure DNS page in Google Domains, scroll down to the Custom resource records section.


Venture over to your URL and feast your eyes on your live application!

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Champion of people’s prosperity. Staunch believer in conscious business. Writer of JavaScript.

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