I’m fortunate to be an apprentice in my dad’s real estate development company. One of the things I picked up while I was at the job site, that my father stressed to me, is to pick up any nails I see laying on the ground.

“Safety is the most important thing”, he said.

As I’m sweeping the floor for nails, I started to reflect back to the mental diet I’m doing daily. Richness starts from inside, so it’s imperative to keep it clutter free. One of the most challenging part in my own growth was battling the negative thoughts, feeling, emotions etc that come up. Those are the nails on my path. And it becomes a constant battle to recognize them and not attach to them. To win the game, I start to build awareness into my life, not just when I sit or meditate, but 24/7, awake or asleep.

Results don’t show right away. But little by little I noticed things start to shift in a positive way. Most notably is the stress. As I’m gradually not attaching to negative thoughts, stress level went down. And clarity started to show up. Not just the kind of clarity that allows me to have focus minus the distraction, but also the clarity to look within.

The ability to look within is one the greatest gifts we all have. But we don’t get it unless we steer clear of the nails within.