Begin Again

Sitting on a wall, built to separate the village of La Santa (Lanzarote)from the adjacent sea, I took in the most spectacular sunset. The photos below do not do it anything close to justice. The patterns in the sky appeared to have been inked in by some invisible, inspired hand. A flood of reds and oranges splayed eagerly across the sky, bludgeoning the horizon in its wake. The waves below, reluctant to be outdone, picked up these colours and filtered them into rich new hues, and then dashed them in foamy haze against the rocks below. Such soul-stirring beauty, to celebrate nothing more than the closing of another day.

Scarcely able to take it all in, one thing seemed clear to me. This was a moment. There is a back story to this that I will not get into, but I felt deeply that the work of art in which I found myself, marked more than the closing of a day. For me it was the closing of a season of my life. I felt simultaneously, gratitude for what had come before, but a certain lightness for being finally able to let it go.

All of this, got me thinking about the moments in our lives…rarely are they marked out so clearly. I wondered, “how many of them do we miss?” Watching the succession of waves crash against the shore, It seemed to me that it might not be inaccurate to think of moments as waves, and of people as surfers,… waiting for the perfect wave. How many of them do they miss? Probably quite a few. Often because they are just not ready for them.

Thankfully, life, like the sea, while harsh in the extreme sometimes, is also forgiving. There is always a next wave, always another moment. To change who you love, to change how you love, to leave behind an addiction, or put down your idols, to fix a friendship or let a friendship go, or even finally to start back on the path towards becoming who you are.

Our lives are full of moments. We cannot always see them. If you’re lucky enough to see one, a chance for change, make sure you mount it, ride it hard, and let it bring you home.

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