El Camino de Santiago de Compostela day 2 (Oviedo-Escamplero)

Alright, here is a quick update for the handful of interested parties. Mostly mom I gather.

Yesterday was a quick one. 13km only, mostly mountainous. I decided to give my legs a chance to get used to this whole walking business. Went well. It seems I am not as old as I think, as I whizzed up and down the hills like an enthusiastic school boy. Unfortunately I was too busy being impressed with myself to have any profound moments. I suspect today will be the Camino’s retribution.

So then, less profound thoughts. I am eating a ton. Lots of butter beans, which henceforth shall be called farty beans. I have not been so gassy in a while, my poor roommates. Silent and deadly.

Highlight. I’m hanging out with a bunch of middle aged Italians for the moment. Boy are they loud. I’m also falling heavily in love with a 46 year old of their contingent called…wait, no names. Anyways they left really early this morning. I woke up with a start and did not have my glasses on. All I could make out was what seemed to be short naked aliens standing around the Italians beds speaking a strange tongue. So my immediate thought was oh no, the Italians are being robbed by naked aliens!!So I’m sitting up in bed squinting at the situation and then they start looking at me, and I realize the short naked aliens are short naked Italians and I’m staring creepily at them. Will we still be friends? Who knows..

I have included for your enjoyment, a poorly taken photo of the beautiful landscape I am walking through, and a photo of my toiletry bag which matches this whole experience perfectly(not). Time to leave, as I slept in a bit and am well behind everyone else.

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