Rwandans Will Hear Mihigo Every Day, Thanks To Rwandan Anthem – Farewell Son

Kizito Mihigo was a prolific and genius composer who showed prodigious ability from his childhood. He composed from the age of 9, becoming the most popular organist and composer of the Catholic Church in Rwanda at the age of thirteen. Aged 20, Mihigo collaborated with fellow musicians in composing Rwandan anthem. The prolific Mihigo then composed and performed his music mostly about reconciliation and unity over three decades. Kizito also founded a Music Academy that trained primary and secondary students; he sought to establish the first school of music in Rwanda. No wonder, Mihigo was considered Rwanda’s own Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mihigo’s spirit lives on. Whenever Rwandans switch on their radios or television, or attend national events, which, of course, begin with the national anthem, they will remember fondly Kizito Mihigo, the brilliant composer and reconciliation champion. Farewell son.

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