The Kagame State Still Refuses To Inform The Rwigaras What They Are Accused Of

Today on October 9, 2017, the judge in Kagame’s kangaroo court adjourned the Rwigaras’ case to October 11.


The Kagame state still refuses to provide the defence the complete dossier of the charges against the Rwigaras. There was drama in the courtroom when Adeline Rwigara asked the judge to instruct the prosecutor to come clean. With bible and prayer, Adeline explained to the kangaroo court:

“I and my daughters don’t know what we are accused of. We need to know in full what we are accused of,”

This state of affairs can only happen in Kagame’s Rwanda. The regime cooks “crimes” against Rwandans after having already thrown them in the dungeon. People “commit” crimes after they are imprisoned. Adeline Rwigara, Diane Rwigara, and Anne Rwigara are not the first or last to suffer this fate.

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