“Like Sands Through The Hour Glass…..”

Credit: NBC

“November 8th is an important iconic date to the show’s anniversary and now, the wedding anniversary of John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans.”

Days of our Lives paid off three months worth of storylines today that culminated beautifully with one woman’ reunited at last with her thought to be dead-husband she’s been searching all around the globe for, One woman’s potential victory over those scheming against her, One young man’s road to redemption, one man trying to save his wife from a monster, and a couple that has waited long enough and has had every obstacle thrown at them. The moment that paid off with a beautiful wedding, and a nod to two iconic characters that hold dear to the heart of what Days of our Lives is, and where it will continue to go for hopefully many years into the future: the heart and core of the trials and tribulations between, The Hortons, Bradys, Kirakis’s and the DiMera’s.

Before diving into today’s beautiful anniversary episode of payoffs, Days has been firing on all cylinders since the new year, and it only accelerated with John and Marlena’s gunshot wedding that took place on August 23rd 2018! Marlena being shot took so many layers of the soap opera, from emotional high stake drama of life and death to family drama to shattered relationships to high stakes action adventure and camp that explosively went sky-high only Days can do in a secret facility! Days is classic soap at it’s finest when it gives you a little bit of everything from romance, mystery, comedy, action-adventure, legal drama, camp, etc.

That’s what soap opera is supposed to do, deliver all sorts of crazy drama, and the characters/families the viewers have known all their lives and mix them with high stakes forever changing at the hands of: secrets, revelations, plots of epic proportions, schemes, and self-serving interests.

Sami’s exit was the finale of a fun arc for her that explored the many facades of Samantha Gene Brady! From bringing trouble with her as she tries to stop John and Marlena’s wedding to being the force that will go up against a gun wielding Kristen to dragging her thought-to-be beloved from a burning explosive building….she is that bad girl with a heart that would run away from the cops, commit a myriad of schemes in a hilarious manner (as Sami always stirs up the trouble!) to locking her own brother in a mysterious facility to finding E.J.

The writing team of Ron Carlivati (head-writer) has done an amazing job capturing who Sami is while not exactly changing her, but evolving her slowly. She didn’t need to be drastically changed into a heroine as previous regimes have done. She’s still Sami, smart, slick, can switch a DNA test in a matter of time, and still look good and somehow be entangled in a web of so many schemes and somehow be desperate to try and keep it all under wraps from it exploding…Oh and who could forget how many times she’s gotten arrested!!!!

Sami had a fantastic emotional exit, while still witty as ever, it was nice to see her make peace with Susan, tying that arc and Stacy Haiduk incredible run (this woman is pure electric on screen! I almost forgot the character was recasted) to the amazing emotional scenes shared between her and Belle, John and Marlena! And Will.

It’s been a great fun arc, until next time Sami…..and E.J.

Switching courses for a bit, the Abigail gas-lighting story has received some backlash but i have to say, this is classic soap, in-fact, I feel from Gabi’s perspective, more isn’t being done. This isn’t safe territory and it’s quite out there and that’s what Days is so good at doing because borrowing from previous archetypes and past-schemers you know, Sami would’ve pulled this back in the day if not, this probably would’ve been Act One for her! Act two would’ve been Stan! Gabi becoming Sami and Kate-lite in the villain department has become must-see for me. It elevates her character and transforms her into interesting territory. She’s not sweet, she’s not nice, she’s Gabi. She’s not a black and white villain, she has depth, this is her self-interest in how she copes with what has been done to her and this is where this is taking her and right now her hands are dirty…..doesn’t mean down the road — redemption can be done for her but as of this moment, in classic-soap fashion, let’s enjoy Gabi being the villain.

People forget, when all said and done they lived happily ever after but first they had to go through some hard times, as James E. Reilly once said. This is a soap opera, crazy unimaginable things must happen. Happy is boring especially to your favorite couples, the journey in getting there must be HELL for them to be a great couple in order to survive. Some of the best super couples have had to endure so much and probably didn’t get their huge payoff until YEARS later. Being that things move lickity fast now, it’s okay to want to endure some of that stuff, you’re on the journey with them. For every time you raged, screamed or cheered — your engaged! Never should we want safe.

However, how COOL was Abby turning the tables on Kate? Ben and Chad teaming up was GOLD! The chemistry between rivals resonated, and their witty timings right to Ben just unleashing the monster in him for good. Genius move.

Now the moment we’ve been waiting for was John and Marlena’s wedding! Wow. So much history was played without having to flashback to their history. Instantly, I knew what they’ve been through. But at last, that gunshot only pushed John and Marlena’s love for each other, as all of this was rooted in love. The biggest theme Days is playing with right now and has always played with is love and heart. John and Marlena’s stories we’re always rooted in love, even their craziest stories (Devil Possession, Salem Stalker/Melaswen, Alex North, etc), it always came back to their love will conquer all and indeed it has. As Sami reunites with E.J., (bit of parallel to her mother and John), John and Marlena hope to have many anniversaries in a historic location on historic day, another wedding anniversary on the shows anniversary. Incredible. As they look up to Tom and Alice’s love…..that’s when the Days fan in me grew emotional! And immediately realized, holy damn. While no one can ever be compared to Tom and Alice Horton, the hearts of the show, John and Marlena is the heart and soul of Days of our Lives going forward for many days to come.

Credit: NBC