“Rake” Comments Ignorantly Display Racism, Privilege, and Enabling an On-Going Regression

“If we’re weak going in, there’s no chance we’re coming out of this….together” — let that dark quote from Olivia Pope sink in on the state of race, unity, divide, alliances, community, and America as we tackle the horror of reality and reflections of people we “once” knew and followed but the Reveal of People’s Character comes simmering out. The EXPOSING Party has begun. The Goodbye Party has started. Cancellation is out.

(UNVEIL what’s behind the masks!)

Scandal’s swan song is set to roll out in one week, but until then — Uproar, Masks, Revelations and Ignorance is another making in White America who know nothing when it comes to protest or well versed arguments/anaologies.

In a genre, where regression is the only way of moving forward — Victoria Rowell can’t even return to act, direct or even write, diversity still is a talking point (A chunk of the soap audience are black), this genre will eat shit politely and reward bad behavior especially when an actor on another show is coined $7BC. This is the same genre who had an actress come out and spew her bitterness at Viola Davis’s win because clearly she didn’t know shit when it came to being black in America and the history behind it, but tried to make it all about her as an actress not winning roles. *side-eye* Not to mention that this is a woman’s genre in which the regression is behind the scenes as well as in front in terms of casting, stories of misogyny, rape, pillaging, murder, and trying to make a gay character go straight thinking the audience will forget because the red-staters complained over 2 boys or 2 girls kissing.

Now we have, Tonja Walker, who to be honest? You can have her and keep it. There was nothing but scenery chewing this year with her return as a brought back from the dead — Olivia Jerome. Plus, we ain’t gonna talk about the drag.

Anyways, Tonja Walker spewed ignorance last night on Twitter:

“Rakes” guys, yep this is the best that can be brought up. Then viewing these athletes, notably black athletes have come under fire, as nothing more than public figures who shouldn’t be allowed the freedoms to EXPRESS FREE SPEECH in this country or PROTEST the inequalities, injustices, wrong path, or a president who is trying to create a divide, abuse of power/the office, separation thru promoting hatred, controversy, backlash, and fear standing cowardly behind a Twitter platform than commentating on the real issues at hand: Puerto Rico! Instead, lets all come and attack the players who have the right to PROTEST, Free Speech and Engage in doing this by creating conversation and exposing the issues from within that’s only roared out like a bad horror movie come to reality with a negative representation of weakness, if a kneel in the act of protest isn’t respected, viewed as a right, part of democracy and the beauty of freedom in this country.

Now this #StandForAnthem or Stand for our US/POTUS crap is the same offensive fuckery from people who tweet out for attention like we give a damn for their interruptus comments: “All Lives Matter.” Uhh, no ma’am, no sir. Go fetch. And read a book on it and get educated than looking like a dumbass and not knowing the context behind it, like everyone. It’s like every person who tweets, All Lives Matter or the stupidest “Blue Lives Matter” uh, you sound stupid, ignorant, racist, entitled, your hand down your pants and like one of those people spewing color blind comments and that race, politics or America’s soul succumbing to downpoor, the civil rights of our time, concepts of white supremacy, nationalism and fascism don’t ring an ounce of care, including the words of suppression, or oppression. Freedom is under attack and the constitution is up in flames. Figure that out. Or look up Steven Bannon. Milo Yiannopoulos. Or just look at Donald Trump and the art of the ferret on his head.

You sir, you ma’am — stay living under Patrick’s rock un-woke. Don’t want to see you. Get some sun, once in a while.

Now to take what Tami Roman said: Don’t let your president get you and your comments all fucked, because we will not sit around and let bad behavior go unaccounted for. Inequality and Injustices in the name of conservatism. And Raking used as an allegory for field work in the way of a racist dig because you think your comments will be protected because the president goes way off in allowing these acts of delineation, divide and ignorant bullshit in the name of Trumpism to go on. It only dumbs you down as you cower behind him with your comments. Some matters don’t need interjecting from people who remain to stay on the other side of culture with no understanding other than whiteness. We’re good, keep it pushing.

Sidenote: Tonja, nothing wrong with raking leaves. It’s labor, it creates jobs. Maybe, your just unaware due to (White) privilege. I see GH dismissed you a long time ago. Maybe, you can rake some leaves to cash in some coinage because your going to need something to pass the time when GH ain’t even writing for the Jeromes they have. Well there’s Ava. The only Jerome goddess.

Go stand with the Tomi Lahren’s, The Lindsay Lohans, The I Stand Proudly with my Bigot for Inequality, Injustice if it ain’t affecting me. Survival of the Fittest is upon us. Just don’t be salty if you just happen to get checked in all the boxes you never were felt up upon because you came into our space, light and circle of your ultra-White views on raking. I rather say what you mean than pussyfoot around like it’s scrabble.

If we’re not allowed to engage in a healthy conversation of what’s happening how do we ever plan to move forward? Educate? Get to the root and psychology of the issues stemming within our societies that’s been hidden/wrapped up in facades for so long and only rippling and harkening back to old ideals of the past so many have fought to keep trapped back within those dark times. If we can’t engage in trying to express OUR VOICES and LET IT BE HEARD, then the problem stems from the top. The Fish Rots from The Head. We can’t move forward. We won’t succumb to the terror. The fear. The Dicatatorship. The Isolation. The Horror of Inclusivity and We won’t be TRAPPED in the corner. In the darkness. In the closet. In where nobody can find us. Trapped, alone, to die. the stories nobody ever hears, read or commentates on…Sounds of silence…….for this country and it’s soul.Stay blocking and channeling your inner, hidden racism. Your “Scream” hood and mask is off.


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