Are bad/wrong/disappointing hires the responsibilities of the hiring manager?

This question has been bugging me for a long time. Employees come and go, they find new opportunities for progress, they no longer find themselves aligned with the organisation’s goals, family commitments etc.

I’m pretty sure you would have come across this phrase employees don’t leave companies, they leave managers, so if that has some truth behind it, then most certainly, when employees leave, managers have some responsibility to it.

I feel that there are many types of staff. For argument sake, let’s just say there’s the ones who are committed and then there are those who come and go. You know what I mean.

I’m no HR professional, I feel for those who are committed, like 80/20 rule of sales where 20% of your customers brings in 80% of your sales. Similarly, I feel 20% of your employees bring in 80% of your revenue or account for 80% of your business success. When they leave, the cost of retraining a new employee is tremendously higher than if you would, retain them. So why let them go?

Now back to the principle of employees leaving managers, so how come managers don’t hold any responsibilities to losing their staff?

And surely if a company hire the bad staff, those who made no contribution, some responsibility should lie on the hiring manager in the first place for bad judgement?

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