5 Best Thai Dating Sites to Meet Women from Thailand

David Krant
10 min readNov 15, 2023

Did you know that women outnumber men in Thailand? Moreover, young women are often better educated than young men, making finding a decent man a very, very complex task for local girls.

Well, that’s the good news for foreign men looking for single women in Thailand — many of these ladies go to international dating sites to find love.

Which sites? Take a look at our rating of top Thai dating platforms, and you’ll find out.

Top 5 Thai Dating Sites

  1. EasternHoneys— no low-effort profiles found
  2. AsianMelodies— the site for dating, meetings, friendship, and love
  3. TheLuckyDate— the best video tools for a better dating experience
  4. OrchidRomance— the best Thai dating site with validated members
  5. LoverWhirl— the widest variety of communication tools

1. EasternHoneys

  • 👥 Members — 700,000
  • ✅ Main features — live shows, setting up real dates, contact requests, chat & mail services
  • 🆓 Free features — the Faces feature, search, viewing photos, editing profile

EasternHoneys accepts a lot of Thai beautiful women, most of whom are interested in relationships. Like most other high-quality reputable dating platforms, it’s a premium website, which means that male members need to purchase credits.

However, unlike many competitors, EasternHoneys doesn’t make a newly registered member pay right after he signs up: many tools can be tested for free.

New members get free credits they can spend on messaging, gifts, emails. If they are satisfied with the quality of services, they can purchase more (by the way, there are regular discounts for credits, too) and keep using the site.

2. AsianMelodies

  • 👥 Members — 450,000
  • ✅ Main features — messaging, emails, real meeting requests, gift delivery
  • 🆓 Free features — registration browsing profiles, viewing public photos, basic & advanced search

AsianMelodies is one of the Thai dating sites that provide a newly registered member with an opportunity to find the best match, contact her, get really close, and then meet her in real life.

Most ladies registered on AsianMelodies are interested in serious relationships. So, finding a girl who’d be interested in such a relationship, too, will be more than just easy, especially considering that the platform offers both basic and advanced searches with tons of useful filters.

Members can choose any tools — messaging, emails, send gifts (both virtual and real ones), and also use the Watch Live feature that allows you to see another member in real time.

3. TheLuckyDate

  • 👥 Members — 350,000
  • ✅ Main features — video chat, video shows, call services, gifts, mail
  • 🆓 Free features — Favorites, support, access to all profiles, reading Admirer Mails

There are a lot of Thai dating websites on the website, but very few of them have as many real women, as detailed profiles, and as many features as TheLuckyDate has. Unlike many other platforms, it doesn’t focus on messaging only.

There are a lot of ways to see how your match really looks, hear her voice, see her gestures in real-time or on video — there is a CamShare and profile videos gallery on the site, and all Premium members can use these features. There are also call services, messaging, Mail service, and other more basic features as well.

4. OrchidRomance

  • 👥 Members — 400,000
  • ✅ Main features — live chat, emails, watching live shows
  • 🆓 Free features — registration, viewing profiles, sending winks, basic & advanced search

There are plenty of Thailand dating websites in the global dating market, but OrchidRomance offers more than many competitors — it provides every newly registered male member with access to validated women’s profiles.

Nearly all profiles on the platform are very detailed, and that’s explained by the fact that the platform makes ladies provide a lot of information on themselves and photos before it accepts their applications.

As for the communication tools, there are plenty of them, too. In particular, members can have live conversations in chat, send emails, virtual and real presents, add media files, send winks, and more.

5. LoverWhirl

  • 👥 Members — 300,000
  • ✅ Main features — live chat, sending media, Let’s Talk feature, setting up a real date
  • 🆓 Free features — signing up, editing profile, searching for matches, Favorites & likes

What makes LoverWhirl stand out? First of all, this is a nearly ideal website for those who have never used online dating services before. The site has a great intuitive interface and only the most useful features like messaging, emails, adding media, etc.

It’s pretty much like using a messenger and a dating app in the site time. Of course, all members also get access to profiles, most of which are super-detailed.

There are also special tools that allow you to initiate a conversation if you don’t know where to start, and some of them are free. For example, you can just send a wink (for free) or use one of the pre-made templates to get a woman’s interest.

Where to meet Thai women?

Thai women

Generally speaking, there are two options to choose from.

Men can go to Thailand and meet local women there, which is longer, more expensive, and more complicated, or join one of the safe and reputable (it’s important, only good sites can help you find a Thai girlfriend) Asian or Thai dating site.

That’s faster, cheaper, and works better for the vast majority of singles.

How do Thai dating services work

There are a lot of foreign men who’d like to date Thai girls and thousands of single Thailand women.

Dating sites connect them, and that’s how they do it:

  • Platforms promote their services both in Thailand and western countries
  • More and more Thai girls interested in a relationship with a foreigner join them, and vice versa
  • Ladies answer a lot of questions, upload photos, prove their identity
  • Men complete their profiles, too
  • They interact using one of the plenty of communication tools, from video chat to phone calls.
  • If they like each other, a man goes to Thailand (it’s usually much cheaper), and they meet each other in real life.

Yes, it’s really this simple.

Are Thai dating sites popular?

Yes, there are Thailand sites with 1–2 million members worldwide, and in most cases, about 40% of them are Thailand women.

There are also a lot of Asian dating platforms, and often they work as well as Thai websites — most of the big platforms have pretty good marketing campaigns that allow attracting real members from all major Asian countries, and Thailand is one of the most popular countries in terms of international dating.

How much do dating sites cost?

The costs depend.

First, it’s important to emphasize that the platforms may have different payment systems. Some sites, including platforms on our list, use credits as currency.

In this case, it’s very hard to say what the average cost is because a lot depends on online daters themselves — the number of women they contact, the number of messages they send to them, and the features they use.

On some sites, one credit costs 2 dollars, and on some, it costs 40 cents but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the second site is cheaper as the services on this platform can cost more credits than on the first one.

Other sites, in turn, offer membership plans, cheaper and more expensive ones.

Still, most online daters who use Thailand dating sites spend $50+ per month on average.

What is the best dating site in Thailand?

It’s nearly impossible to distinguish the best site. Each of the platforms has its pros, cons, and special features.

We’ve listed the best Thai dating sites above, and each of them is great in its own way. Just consider your priorities and expectations and feel free to choose, test, and use any of them.

We also recommend reviewing not only dating sites in Thailand:

Why choose Thai women for dating?

Thai woman

Women in Thailand are incredibly beautiful. That’s a fact, but this is not the only thing men should know about them.

What else makes men think that dating Thai women is a good idea? Here are some facts that can explain this.

  • Always seeking harmony.
    Some foreigners who come to Thailand note that there is something special about local women, the inner harmony and probably the values and priorities they have in life.
    This is reflected in everything. In western countries, ladies seek that passion, ambition, self-actualization, and success, while Thai girls seek calmness, harmony, and inner happiness. It doesn’t mean that Thai girls are non-ambitious or anything like that. This just describes the most common type of Thai personality.
  • Open to other views and ideas.
    Thai ladies have a tolerant attitude to other people, nations, and cultures and are perfectly non-confrontational.
    This, in part, is the reason why they adapt to other communities so easily — they respect their own traditions, that’s true, but they also respect the values of others, no matter if it’s their foreign boyfriend or husband or someone they’ve just met.
  • Family minded.
    Having a family is viewed not just as an option you should choose or not choose, it’s seen as something that can make you pleased. Unfortunately, not all ladies find their love in Thailand (there are 1.2 million more women than men in Thailand).
    Moreover, unmet fertility is also a big problem. So, no wonder, Thai women dating foreign men is not something extremely rare — they just know that foreign guys are more often more interested in serious relationships.
  • Better educated than quite many local men.
    Yes, that’s true. Twice more women than men enter universities and graduate from them, so most local girls are well-educated, and paradoxically, it’s another problem. Many of them just can’t find an “equal” man, so this is another reason why local girls often look for foreign matches.

These are the most important facts that describe Thailand women pretty well. But does that all mean that a Thai woman will be a good match for a western man?

Do Thai women make good girlfriends?

Well, it depends on what a man looks for in a woman.

Thai women seem to always move and talk with gentleness and grace, they are calmer than most ladies that a western man could meet before, and they have other values and priorities.

Still, most guys who’ve been dating Thai girls and those who married them have some common thoughts about these ladies.

They note that they got more love and care than ever before — a Thai woman just won’t let you leave the house if you are hungry, she’s always asking you about your job and problems and more importantly, really listens to you.

Thai girls to avoid conflicts, and though it doesn’t mean that they’d let a man do everything he wants to do just because they were born and raised in a more patriarchal society, these girls do know how to find a compromise.

How to date a Thai girl: dating advice

Finding a date in Thailand is not so hard.

However, if you are going to start a cross-cultural relationship, you should learn more about the local dating culture. How to date a Thai woman? What do Thai girls love and hate?

Here are some tips to take the right steps and avoid mistakes:

  • Tip 1. The way you look and dress is important to girls, but not as much as a smile is. So, if you are going on a date with a Thai girl, relax, enjoy the conversation, and smile a lot.
  • Tip 2. Don’t be too loud. Getting angry or even loud about anything is bad manners in Thailand. If you are very emotional, just don’t discuss very controversial topics.
  • Tip 3. Send her messages as often as possible.
  • Tip 4. Give a cute gift, not necessarily an expensive one.
  • Tip 5. Show respect for her culture, and don’t make fun of anything Thai.
  • Tip 6. Don’t hug or kiss her in public — even if she wants this, it’s bad manners.

As you can see, dating Thailand women is not rocket science — learning a few simple rules will help you avoid mistakes.

How do you know if a Thai woman likes you?

Does the fact that a Thai girl is always smiling mean that she likes you? Not necessarily — these girls are optimistic and friendly, and they are smiling all the time.

However, there are a few signs that can really help you understand that she has feelings for you.

  • She introduces you to her friends.
  • She takes photos with you.
  • She hates it when you talk about other women.
  • She shares photos with you on social networks.
  • She wants you to meet her parents.

The last sign is the most important one — if she takes you home for a family meeting, she’s in love.

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