Ujo x RAC: Under the Hood - The Future of Licensing.
Simon de la Rouviere

As cool as it is to see Ujo’s development into a platform, it is even cooler to get an “under the hood” view of the project. Thanks! This level of detail is surprisingly inspirational and a good reference point for thinking about decentralized sound stuff. I know these ideas have been marinating for the last year or so and its great to have them communicated so clearly and with examples.

Are the “token” artifacts issued on purchase limited? It looks like its up to the “handler” to make that decision. Without some level of scarcity they would just be a “proof of purchase” …

Has your team thought about how these systems you are developing apply to existing material (entrenchment)? Complex existing licensing and ownership has stymied many a project (as has attempts at global metadata). In this regard it is only appropriate to start with greenfield content. I am curious about the bridges between the existing body of licensed music/sound and decentralized licensing.

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