Has Facebook gone too far?
JS Cournoyer

UX fail, indeed!

For what it’s worth, there does appear to be a setting you can OPT IN to that turns off automatic translations. For this story it’s irrelevant, as the default should be to not (incorrectly) translate your posts (and attribute them to you directly).

Indeed, I’d venture a guess that an OPT IN to turn a feature OFF is only ever done to cover one’s ass while you reap the benefits of having your users have the feature ON, or out of pure ignorant neglect.

Still, you’ll be interested in filling this in. Your votre moi will appreciate it:

[In Settings | Language | News Feed Translation Preferences (opt. 3)]

Which languages do you not want automatically translated?

Stories in these languages will not be translated unless you choose to show a translation.

Thank you for leading me there so I could fill mine in.Cheers.

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