The Circle: Even a blah movie can make you think

I had the opportunity recently to watch The Circle, a supposed techno-thriller based on the 2013 novel of the same name from writer Dave Eggers. I’ll save you a full review but essentially the movie is rather bland. Tom Hanks’ considerable talent is underused and Emma Watson’s character never becomes more than a facsimile of a fully-formed human.

All the same, this movie set me on a train of thought that has led me down a an interesting rabbit hole — just how much of my data am I okay with sharing?

I don’t really have an answer yet. I know that I enjoy the little moments of ease that my Nexus 6P serves up in the form of reminders and other tidbits of info that seem to materialize before I can even think of needing them. On the other hand, I still cover my work laptops webcam (with a firm branded doohickey, no less).

I’m often ‘miscategorized’ by generational scholars — depending on who you ask, I’m a Gen Xer or a Millenial. Basically, I can remember a time before the Internet — in fact my formative years were spent in those halcyon days where kids were sent outside to play until the street lights came on (or Mom hollered down the block that supper was ready). I also remember the first time I connected to the Internet via a 14.4 modem — that was grade 9. I was the first in my class to have a Hotmail account, a cell phone, etc. I always wanted to be connected!

I think this generational straddling is what puts me in this odd stasis between enjoying the fruits of my ‘open’ life with Google and feeling really weirded out when I'm served info I didn’t even know I needed.

All that to say that I haven’t really figured it out yet but that I know it’s something I need to pay more attention to!

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