Adapt or Succumb

One week and two days at The Andela BootCamp has really taught me a lot. Being green in python language and programming in general, I have learned more in this short time than I had in my previous two months of coding. One lesson that stuck out like a sore thumb was the response to change. I had to adapt regularly to be on par with what I required to do my tasks and be able to communicate efficiently.

As previously state TDD(Test Driven Development) was quite a challenge to me from week one. It literally attacked my way of thinking and problem-solving. I was used to having a general view of what I wanted my program to do but never thought of cases it might fail to handle. I am still working on my TDD skills but that paradigm shift forced me to change really fast. I had to learn fast and in a very limited span of time. But in the end, the pain was fruitful. I learned that using tests reduces your work as it makes you focus on select features at a time.

In week one I faced several stumbling blocks that led me to change how I learn and work. I usually prefer reading extensively on a topic before applying. While at Andela I had to get used to reading only what I need to use. Sometimes this makes me feel a little insufficient but actually, it’s more productive. Acquiring information that you need only reduces the time you spend solving a problem.

All in all, adaptability is a crucial trait if you want to excel in any field in life. We live in an ever-changing world and thus change is inevitable. Those who adapt fast gain the most. I cannot emphasize enough the impact it has to anyone and everyone.

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