Day 2 Home Study Andela Bootcamp

Team Spirit is everything

Well, so far the BootCamp has been fair enough for me. I have actually learned a lot in this first 2 days than I expected. Being able to apply what I learn directly has actually taught me much. The quite steep and fast learning curve sure comes with its challenges but I appreciate the work.

The team spirit portrayed by fellow ‘BootCampers’ is encouraging. Just reading through the slack channel, you could see the zeal. There is quite a smooth flow of information and ideas. When one person runs into a problem, everyone chips in trying to help.

The prompt and relevant updates from our LFAs despite their busy schedules is comforting. The atmosphere as at now is a bit relaxed except for the lab’s issue. Everything seems to be at par with my vision of this BootCamp. Well, all I could say for now is, “So far, so good”.