Day 3 Andela Cohort XVII BootCamp SLC


Well, today was quite a handful. I could probably name it as the most engaging day of this week. I had several tasks to complete as usual, or so I thought. The lab’s section was quite simple, I simply breezed through them quite fast. They were tricky but not something I couldn’t handle with my two months experience in python programming.

But then came the ‘extra task’, it required me to write a program that consumed an API and gave an output. I am new to python and programming as a whole. This task literally had me by the neck. I was on my computer trying to Google my way through this since morning. It was really hectic that most tutorials assumed that I had a background on some modules.

The struggle continued, from Google to Youtube to StackOverflow, by 2 pm I was exhausted and frustrated with a deadline approaching. I kept digging through sites, ebooks, videos and the like. By the time I was getting something to use it was already 3 pm. I had to contact by LFA(learning facilitator assistant) to ask for an extension. He was understanding and let me work past the deadline.

Two hours later I was done but quite tired. I did and app that gets a country’s profile data from World Banks API and outputs it. I am quite proud of my achievement and would label this day as the most productive day of my year so far.