Screen Freezes Stomach Turns

imma break yaaah!!!

The morning was cool relaxing and mostly drama-less, I woke up as usual did my morning ritual; bathe, brush, tea, blah blah. Then I made my way to the “Dojo”. I really felt good when the security guy mistook me for a fellow.

So all was well until it was time for the hangouts video call. First it was the laptop’s web-cam, this is when I really felt jealous of windows users. Wow that got set then the angry pop up saying that firefox did not support hangouts.

I tried to act cool but my gut was boiling with “ang-xiety”(anger + anxiety). Well I was help be Godwin, a fellow, and installed chromium-browser. Well I thought this was the end of my tech-assault but it was just starting. About ten minutes in I was still to join the conversation, I was only a click away when the WiFi started acting up.

I could feel the gloomy aura of dread surround me. I had my last option, use my phone, I felt every digit of my data plan downing away. But at least made it. The video chat was unceremoniously interrupted by the only message with the word ‘Dear’ that I frown at. Well, I caught the better part of it.

The drama did not end there, after the call came the tasks. I was constantly turn to ask for help. Five heads and 4 hours together was all that was need to finally get me online. Well the day might have been a challenge but I was better than that and with the help of Andela Fellows my not Mac pc was a thing again. A day well spent.

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