TO THE LAST “$git push”

I think I just turned my blood into coffee. Today has been one of the days you sleep with code running through your mind. I was behind project-wise and this bugged me all night. I think I have had roughly 3 hours of sleep. I would convince myself that I should sleep but 5 minutes into the blanket I figure out a way around my issue.

This day’s challenge truly earned its name. It wasn’t really that hard but the twists and turn to make the cogs move have been quite a task. But TDD (Test Driven Development) has been very helpful. Being able to scrutinize what you expect from your code really helps when applying the solution. I am grateful someone invented it.

Well today was generally okay for me. Even if sometimes I would look back at the code I had just written and wonder who the hell does that. The Bootcamp experience is constantly challenging me to bring in my 100, and I will give my all to the last “$git push”.

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