Career Tips for Anti-Socials

You just limned my life. Except my cubicle hell didn’t reach the Hollywood glamour level of actually taking an aircraft to HQ. I think we once drove to Buffalo to look at a supermarket. I escaped after someone explained to me that sitting on the bed in a suit and tie crying before heading to work wasn’t normal. Who knew?

I think what most bonded me to you in a way that’s almost icky is the recognition that we pushy introverts can’t win — we’re either cheer-led to death to “bring us out of ourselves”, ugh, or we fake extroversion so well we end up untrue to ourselves and genuinely suffering. Fact is, most things of value are created by introverts.

(Look me in the eye, extroverts, and tell me that Beethoven was a “joiner”. Exactly.)

And your drawings are delightful, funny, tender and true.

For all this, and the chance to use “limned” in a sentence — thank you.


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