The Power of Ignoring Mainstream News

You’re young, right?

I can intuit from your article that you are intelligent and ambitious and creative. So I find it hard to believe that your message is truly, “It’s better for ME to ignore the plight of the disadvantaged and the powerless and the oppressed of this world, because that makes a guy uncomfortable.”

How will you vote? How will you find out about the concerns of your community? How will you understand what’s happening to, and because of, your fellow citizens, for good or ill? How will you get to the truth?

You never know what good you might do, informed.

Maybe I’ve misunderstood you. Maybe your news-free life is a self-contained project and you engage other ways — I hope so, and if so, good for you.

And I’m happy that you’re happy, but you may find that, in a few years, the buzz wears off, that you reach a plateau of some kind, and you start to think, “What’s my life all about, anyway?”

That’s when you start to value meaning more than happiness as the measurement.

Wishing you every success.

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