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Andrej Karpathy

MILA has 5 publications, but you must combine “MILA” and “montreal” search results:

A new formulation for deep ordinal classification
Christopher Beckham (MILA) · Christopher Pal (MILA)

A Closer Look at Memorization in Deep Networks
David Krueger (MILA) · Yoshua Bengio (U. Montreal) · Stanislaw Jastrzebsk (Jagiellonian University) · Maxinder S. Kanwal (UC Berkeley) · Nicolas Ballas (Université de Montréal) · Asja Fischer (Computer Science Department, University of Bonn) · Emmanuel Bengio (McGill University) · Devansh Arpit () · Tegan Maharaj () · Aaron Courville (University of Montreal) · Simon Lacoste-Julien (University of Montreal)

Sharp Minima Can Generalize For Deep Nets
Laurent Dinh (University of Montreal) · Razvan Pascanu (DeepMind) · Samy Bengio (Google Brain) · Yoshua Bengio (U. Montreal)

On orthogonality and learning RNNs with long term dependencies
Eugene Vorontsov (Ecole Polytechnique de Montrea) · Chiheb Trabelsi (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal) · Christopher Pal (École Polytechnique de Montréal) · Samuel Kadoury (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal)

Sequence Tutor: Conservative fine-tuning of sequence generation models with 057 003 KL-control
Natasha Jaques (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) · Shixiang Gu (Cambridge) · Dzmitry Bahdanau (Université de Montréal) · Jose Hernandez-Lobato (University of Cambridge) · Richard E Turner (University of Cambridge) · Douglas Eck (Google Brain)

(I must say I’m surprised we don’t have more!)

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