GE’s Predix Design System
Jeff Crossman

Jeff, thanks for sharing and providing such a great insight in the challenges and execution of your design system. I am aiding in the architecting of a similar design system at Tahoe Partners, an IT/Digital Consultancy in Chicago, and it’s certainly been a learning experience taking traditional atomic design principles and translating it into a more digestable format for common users.

I’m excited to see how Predix grows as you start to roll out more applications on the framework.One question I had was how you tackled mobile/responsive? Do you have separate systems for devices and desktop experiences or do you have 3 representations of your components at each view? This has been a particular challenge for us as we develop enterprise applications that are used across a broad range of devices.

Lastly, how do you manage governance of the system as it evolves? Do you have a structure as to who can maintain/update the language or is the whole GE Design team involved?

Being a logically minded creative, I have always pushed for standards and structures in design; a commonality of look and feel within an experience. It’s so exciting to see others implementations of these systems as well. Thanks for sharing your process. It’s immensely insightful and helpful!

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