|The Key to Happiness|

The key to happiness is doing whatever you want. Having the ability to do what you wish with your life, not being dependent of any one. Being able to do your own things, not being forced to do anything, having a freedom of speech, the choice to do whatever you wish without limits, also not being criticized by everyone saying that doing things a certain way is good and doing them slightly or totally different is wrong or ugly because it is different. Being happy isn’t smiling all the time its also being angry, sad and or however you want to feel like whenever you want to. Another way to be happy in life is doing things for yourself to shape your life in your image and not in other peoples image having personal goals and accomplishing them or not however you like having what you want and not, always exploring new things so that you can never get bored of doing the same thing everyday. Everyone should know what they wish to do with their life, getting there should be their happiness as well as appreciating all the little things in their way to living their perfect life.

Happiness at its best