Executive Summary

LIME by OBVIOUS MAGAZINE — A social yet anonymous interactive native IOS platform enabling users the ability to both receive constructive advice on multiple aspects of a single outfit, as well as give this criticism to others.

A strong emphasis on reward and rank will be accounted for while becoming a more interactive user.

Obvious Mag is a fantastic source of inspiration both fashion and other amazing things related. They were the perfect team up for our NON GENDER SPECIFIC IOS platform. Creative and constructive criticisms with rewards and ranks to climb with an amazing sense of notoriety and Style.

Users will be able to rate individual on parts of one outfit or the whole outfit and receive constructive reviews on each. The ability to individually break down one’s attire into multiple pieces does not yet exist in the market place. LIME ignores gender although age is a large attribute to curating your audience for reviews.

How do we apply this to curating a source of inspiration and helpful critiques?

For individuals faced with a vast amount of clothing choices or indecisiveness and decision making dilemma.We aimed to pinpoint the problem point of our problem statement.

“I never know when I’m dressed well for the occasion and I need a quick outside opinion. It would be great to put out a picture and get an anonymous rating on my clothing choices.”

Our rating system and how to view results
Our Screening session

After conducting a screening and interviewing process, both online in person and my personal favorite the gorilla grassroots style of venturing out of the office and getting in touch with real users sitting at a nearby park on the most beautiful of New York days. Making sure our demographic was varied and conducive to the multitude of users that a platform such as lime would be applicable for.

Developing two personas was crucial to our success in establishing A favorable and optimal experience for multiple users. We second this data and re assessed back into a a secondary Feature analysis and prioritization.

A personal pain point for myself during this stage of creating Limes optimality was re-crossing tracks back and fourth of features and necessities from our multitude of users. Although or target audience was of the age range of 23–28 we needed to venture out and make sure a wider demographic would be accounted for.

Ideations began early on and rapidly. as we sketched collaboratively as a group establishing flows, functions, walk throughs and ideas. Pulling our known Api’s and relevant info from other apps that would lead us into a familiar yet innovative new platform.

These preliminary sketches led directly into a paper prototyping session in which multiple users were asked to use the app as if it was on there phone. We discovered a few issues early on but was to great pleasure — perceived well and thanks to my two amazing team mates Laith and lucy, we were able to jump strait into wireframes earlier than expected.

Our Tech restraints were limited due to IOS’s robust system.

Technical background research

What’s possible on your platform? What are its limitations — Our platform is in no way is coming close to the limits of IOS capabilities.

What information could be accessed through APIs — Our user data base and rating, and reward system. 
What functionality could be extended using third party services? A dedicated data base, corresponding to third party social platforms. 
This database would consist of a Query to sale % using either My-Sequal or Dynamo-DB to monitor and regulate our voting and counting calculations for likes and dislikes. We would need this system to be broken down into as many as three separate items per individual submission for Identifier per photo per like or dislike. Then reattached to a series of possible attached pre determined comments. 
What are the design standards (HIG, Material Design, etc.)?

Using IOS camera to correspond with a collections view database, and cropping UI based on a 0–100% scale of pre determined PX count for photo separation. 
Coded through Objective C , Swift, or Cintax.

UI collections view -Standard IOS/

What we were able to refine was the segregation of photos could simply be overlaid with a segment. A quicker and simpler solution to actually breaking a single photo up into two or more pieces.

Rate and siding positions ( SWIPE)
Separate your outfit (DRAG)

The project Wrap up is something I’ve often enjoyed doing. On one hand, I believe we did solve some strong user issues with a viable concept using some concrete and accurate data finding solutions. We Identified with business needs, brand identity, and innovative solutions to grow a social network with a two important purposes in an almost untapped market.

On the other hand — What I was truly able to learn from this project was from a collaborative aspect I have not yet had the pleasure to experience within my career. I have worked on many teams in the past and although they have come with challenges, this was perhaps one of my largest.

Working with my two fantastic and driven team members was a pleasure. Both knowledgeable and flexible in different areas with plenty of drive. However though the issue was not our ethics or ability, it was for me and boarder lined ashamed to say so a compatibility and chemistry issue. I feel my ability to adapt quickly and easily was put through a true test during the creation of lime.

I should note that this was not a constant struggle. Though at times I felt myself needing to step back from creating or delegating as a PM and let my team mates take the lead in order to keep a consistent flow and deliver on time. By the end of this project I felt that It was my job to fill gaps and be helpful as needed more so than to be a thought leader. Something I am not used to, nor do I love. But as a learning experience I embraced this with true clarity and heart!

Our Next steps

To include and develop our rating system.

Curate auto and recommended responses as feedback to other users.

Further test our flows and prototypes to re validate functionality.

Specify and hone in on a LIME specific UI with slight variations from Obvious MAG.

Thank you all for reading(:

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