Guide to Choosing the Right Radio for Your Job

Businesses require a reliable form of communication to function appropriately. It’s not about cellphones or some hi-tech equipment; a basic two-way radio will do a splendid job for your business.

Well the reason for favoring two-way communication device over cellphone is that two-way radios are much easier to use. It allows people to communicate with a touch of a button and also offer better return on investment. However, selecting the right radio for your job is very important. The article will help you in your search for a good two-way radio for your business.

Four Basic Elements to Consider While Picking a Radio


The frequency of your handheld device is a vital factor in determining how far the signal can propagate. The Very High Frequency (VHF) waves can travel double the distance that Ultra High Frequency (UHF) can travel on open grounds or rolling hills. However, when it comes to penetrating walls, buildings and other obstacles, VHF waves are very poor at it. If you are working in an open land, you would want people to communicate with each other without any delay and restriction, thus VHF radios are best for such situations. But, in an indoor location UHF radios are better choice. A point to note here is that UHF and VHF radios cannot communicate with each other.


If you will be using radio within a building or outdoors, with area limited to about 1 mile, then 1-watt radio will be enough. Similarly, for an area of about 2 miles or multiple buildings a 2-watt radio should do the needful. Then you also have 4 and 5 watt radios to communicate reliably at further distance; however, there’s a limitation to radio-to-radio communication and once you exceed the desired distance, then the only way to communicate is through repeaters.


From restaurants and hotel use to heavy-duty military operations, the radios are designed as per specification. Reviewing the specification will help you determine which type suits your business needs.


If all your employees will be connected on same channel irrespective of the number of radios you have then you only need 1-channel radio. However, if you need to segregate the staffs on the communication channel then consider getting 2-channel radio system.

Buying a Two-way Radio

You just can’t lift any item offered in the market, which is why you need to understand the technicalities of the equipment to select the best. The radios offered in Motorola RDX series are very popular in the market, out of which Motorola RDU4100 is highly preferred by organizations.

In the End

Two-way radios are still very popular in the market and Motorola RDX series is highly preferred by businesses. Whichever business you own, you can try out Motorola RDU4100 device.

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